I want Lingokids for me and my students

First of all you need to go through the 2-step onboarding process by clicking on this link Enroll your students now. This won't take more than 2 mins, we'll just ask you for some contact information and brief details about the school.  Once you have done this, the onboarding team at Monkimun will go through the details and approve the teacher request within 48hrs. We will then send you a personal email with the login credentials (username and password) and you will be ready to get started. 
The onboarding process is very simple:
1.- Once you have downloaded the game on ios or android just login with the credentials and access your teacher account from within the game. 
2.- Once in the game you will create the profiles of each of the students. To do this, from the home screen in the top righthand corner there is a small icon of "your child" - by clicking on this you can access the profile of the first student that has automatically been created for you. By selecting "edit" (bottom left corner pencil icon) you can enter the profile and provide the name, age, gender and language level. (language level LOW= just starting out/ MEDIUM=knows some words in English/ HIGH= can ask for things in Englih with phrases)
3.- Once you have created the process for the first student then you can add the next student by repeating the same process in step 2.
4.- To get the children playing with Lingokids just select the students profile from within the game on the tablet the child will use. Then select play to enter the game for the child. All the children can play at the same time on different devices and the teacher can watch the progress from his/her own tablet by accessing the reports section for the corresponding child. 
5.-  There are additional materials accessible from the home section that we highly recommend in order to get the full learning experience recommended by our experts. Taken together, the Lingokids game and the offline materials are complementary and maximize the impact of the learning methodology. 
6.- You can access the study plan from the homescreen as well. There you will be able to see the words and different topic areas that are covered in each lesson. 
7.- If you have any questions or need support with anything you can access support from within the game or directly contact us at if you need anything. We are here to help make this the best experience for you and your students.
Good luck and happy learning!

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