Where can I see my child's progress?

Our progress reports are a service for families enrolled in Lingokids Premium. They are personalized reports about each child's learning achievements that you can access in the Parents' Section of the app (see image) and are updated on a weekly basis. This is an exceptional tool that will let you know where your child is making progress and where there are areas for improvement.

In addition to this, you can see how your child improves in each interactive game through our new Learning Gears™ system, which adjusts each lesson to your child's progress every time they play. The grammatical structures of each interactive lesson change according to the child's unique learning speed and correct answers. Each lesson has six levels of difficulty. This is how a phrase might be
presented at each Learning Gears™ level:

1. Apple​.
2. She wants an apple​.
3. She is asking for an apple
4. Could you give her an apple​, please?
5. I think an apple​ is just what she wants.
6. I’m guessing an apple​ would be a good choice.

Thus, it is important that children play the interactive lesson multiple times, not only to reinforce and commit to memory the learning objectives, but also to gain exposure to all of the levels of grammatical structures.

You can find the gear symbol on the top right corner of each lesson. The symbol will automatically change the number as your child’s level changes.


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