How much time should my child spend playing? How many times should they play with each activity?

With our method, designed by teachers and specialists, children playing at least 5 minutes per day will increase their vocabulary twice as much than with traditional methods. We performed a study with a group of children between the ages of 3 and 5 with no prior English exposure and 93.75% increased their vocabulary after playing only 5 days for 4 minutes a day! In addition to the interactive games, we encourage you and your family to watch our videos, practice writing with our pre-literacy activities, and enjoy the supplementary printable materials provided with each lesson.

As for the amount of times they should play with each activity, they should use every activity several times, especially the games!. There's tremendous value in replaying  the games because each one of the interactive lessons is much deeper and richer than it looks. Repetition is the natural way for children to learn and is essential to our methodology. For example, in the "Family" lesson, children are exposed to over 150 words. If your child only plays once, he or she will not retain all the words! It is also important that playing each lesson is followed by the use of the videos, writing activities, and additional material, which completes the English course. 

This is also represented by our Learning Gears™ system, which adjusts each lesson to your child's progress every time they play. The grammatical structures of each interactive lesson change according to the child's unique learning speed and correct answers. Each lesson has six levels of difficulty. This is how a phrase might be presented at each Learning Gears™ level:

1. Apple​.
2. She wants an apple​.
3. She is asking for an apple
4. Could you give her an apple​, please?
5. I think an apple​ is just what she wants.
6. I’m guessing an apple​ would be a good choice.

Thus, it is important that children play the interactive lesson multiple times, not only to reinforce and commit to memory the learning objectives, but also to gain exposure to all of the levels of grammatical structures.


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