First steps: setting up a profile

The first time you open Lingokids, the app will take you through a few onboarding steps to set up the game for your child.

The app will ask you:

Whether you are a parent/child or educator (We are currently offering free Premium access to verified educators as part of our Lingokids for Schools program)
The general level of English of your child (Don't worry if you're not certain the first time, the app uses an algorithm that will adapt to your child's level the more he/she plays)
The age of your child
The gender of your child

Once you have answered all of these questions, your child's English course will be ready to use. You must then provide either an email or a Facebook account, and a password. You will use these details to log-in to Lingokids from now on.

Once you do this, we will give you some simple information on our method and some tips on how you can help your child to learn with Lingokids. You will then be taken to the launch screen, where you can meet our teachers Emma and Wes, access the parents area at the top right, and get started with the first lesson. Get ready to learn about animals!


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